Online Advertising 

Google Ads

Google’s Search Engine Market Share is 92% as of 2019




Online Advertising 

Google Ads

Google’s Search Engine Market Share is 92% as of 2019




Types of Google Advertising



Show your targeted ads to your previous website visitors on different devices and websites wherever they browse on the internet.


Google Display Network

Display your ads on different website. Typically used for brand awareness in order to help increase profits in the future.


Local Targeting

Focus on certain geographic areas where you would like to show your ads such as state, city, zip code, radius.


Google Search Network

Display text ads in Google Search when a user specifically searches for your product/service.


Google search partner Network

Display your ads on Google Search Partner websites such as Youtube, Ask, Amazon, etc.


App Promotion

Promote your app in Google Play, YouTube, Google Search and Display Networks.

Calculate your metrics to determine:

What is my optimal cost per conversion (per sell, lead, etc)?
What is my sales team conversion rate?
What is my average profit per conversion?
What is my cost per thousand impressions?
What is my customer lifetime value (LTV)?


Maximize your business visibility in Google Search


Identify all relevant search terms

Build and Optimize Campaigns

Get your ad on the top of the Google Search page at the right time for the right audience. Even though the ads will start showing as soon as a few days after campaign  lunching.  It typically takes about a month to start picking up momentum. It is recommended to run a campaign for a few month to see optimal results.


We will create an analytics report to monitor  the progress


We will review ad performance every week to tweak and optimize campaigns

Set Up Sales Funnel

Set up and track the best sales funnel for your business to optimize customers’ journey through your site to the final destination.

What are the specific steps in your sales funnel? Where does it start and finish?

What selling points would make your visitors to take the next step? What makes your business unique? Does it resonate with your website visitors? Where can you improve your sales funnel?

Here is a simplified funnel example:

A user searches for a term “women shoes”  ? -> Clicks on a Google ad and lends on a landing page with women shoes -> The visitor clicks on a specific shoe she liked chooses her size and clicks “Order” -> Enters her billing information and shipping address and clicks “Submit”

A/B Testing

Test content and landing pages


Improve customer journey

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